Types of Impact Wrenches

In this article, we will examine the types of impact wrenches, their key features, pros and cons. Impact wrenches are broadly categorized based on the source of power which produces the torque. In this regard, there two types of impact wrenches; air powered impact wrenches, also known as pneumatic impact wrenches and electric powered wrenches. There are two types of electric impact wrenches; corded impact wrenches and cordless impact wrenches.

Air Powered Impact Wrench (Pneumatic)

Pneumatic impact wrenches were the first impact wrenches to be designed; they are the traditional models to be introduced. These tools are powered by compressed air from an air compressor which serves as its power source. These tools come in various drive sizes ranging from 0.25 inch, 0.375 inch to 1 inch. The drive size determines the amount of torque the tool can provide. Generally, the larger drive sizes produce more torque i.e. a 1 inch drive will produce more torque than a 0.25 inch drive.

These impact wrenches can be used in places without power as long as there is compressed air which isn’t so hard to find. Mobility is an issue with the pneumatic impact wrenches because the compressed air is stored in a tank which can be a burden to move around with. Pneumatic wrenches deliver so much torque and can be used for jobs requiring enough power and long periods. However, the amount of torque produced by most of these tools cannot be regulated, using them for jobs requiring little torque can pose a problem as they can damage nuts and bolts and cause over-tightening.

Corded Electric Impact Wrench

Corded electric impact wrenches are powered by electricity; they must be connected to an electricity source to power the tool. Typically, they have a cord and a longer body which accommodates the electric motor which produces the torque. The amount of torque delivered by this tool can be regulated unlike the pneumatic impact wrenches. The corded electric impact wrenches are rendered useless in situations and areas where electricity is not accessible.

Cordless Electric Impact Wrench

Cordless impact wrenches are the latest inventions in the impact wrench line of tools. These devices have become increasingly popular from the time of their inception. They are typically powered by lithium-ion (Li-ion) or nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries. The batteries are usually between 18-28 volts and are rechargeable.

Cordless impact wrenches are loved for their portability and because they can be used anywhere because they require no external source of power; perfect for on-road repairs.

Cordless impact wrenches do not produce as much power as the corded and pneumatic impact wrenches because they operate on stored electricity which isn’t as powerful as direct current; it also tends to run out faster, causing disruptions during work.

Those are basically the types of impact wrenches available. They all have their pros and cons, none is better than the other.


What type of Men’s Pomade are in trend?

My preference of Pomade is Oil-based so how do I wash it?

In life there will be obstacles, however, you should be able to take a stand saying you are prepared to defeat the challenge and celebrate the results. Please be aware that Oil based Pomades are not easy to wash, however, you should never allow yourself to get overwhelmed by the factors that are of non-importance, focus on the results and enjoy the results. For sure you did not choose Pomade by default right? You chose it because you’ve heard that it is a great product. Pomade will always give you the results that you want; despite being difficult to wash. Because people believe so much on Pomade they have invented homemade strategies for an easy wash, For example, using a dish washing liquid, applying olive oil and rinsing with warm water will also remove pomade, or you can just invest on a shampoo that is high- detergent to wash your hair.

There’s a good reason why you choose to use Pomade for your hair, it gives you the freedom not to worry about the shaping of your hair.  Pomade accommodates it all, be it your medium or best stronghold you will get

Can Pomade cause hair loss?

My advice would be to follow the same routine for your hair care.  For example wash your hair, and then put a conditioner. This will assist your hair to stay hydrated because in most cases hair breakage is caused by the dryness of hair, however if you are suffering from dry hair you need flexible hold always. Start considering using best pomade for men. It is a much better option compared to other products especially the water based Pomades because its light weight. Never stop using a product because you’ve heard that it causes damage to your hair let me tell you that is a myth. Get your facts right then you decide, people will always talk so it is important that to find out for yourself. The fact is if you do not use the product as directed you will suffer from hair loss it is important that you wash your hair regularly otherwise dead skin or scalp’s sebum will accumulate in layers resulting to blocking or shrinking hair follicles leading to hair loss. So it is important to apply Pomade on clean hair, in fact it’s like that for any product if you want to get great results. Sometimes people start using the product already facing the challenge of hair loss, now in that case consider using shampoos that formulated to promote healthy scalp or hair by clearing the coating of sebum or dead skin.

Reverse Osmosis vs. Ultrafiltration vs. Ultraviolet Purifiers

Water is a very vital part of human well-being. Access to pure drinking water is a problem all over the world, the quality of tap water cannot be vouched for either. Since man cannot survive without water, and unclean water is detrimental to health, water purifiers have become increasingly important for the provision of healthy drinking water.

Water purifying systems come in various types which include the Reverse Osmosis Purifiers (RO), Ultrafiltration purifiers (UF), and Ultraviolet Purifiers (UV).

Reverse osmosis purifiers utilize a semipermeable membrane to remove heavy metals, chemicals and particles from water to make it safe for drinking.

Ultrafiltration purifiers are also membrane based. They use a semipermeable membrane to remove impurities from water. However, the pore sizes of the membrane are larger than those found in a Reverse osmosis system.

Ultraviolet Purifiers make use of ultraviolet lamps to kill bacteria and viruses from the water. Raw water is exposed to the ray from these lamps and the germs and bacteria in the water lose their ability to reproduce and replicate.

Differences between RO, UF and UV purifiers

Reverse osmosis system requires electricity to operate. This is because the water has to come in high pressure for it to be able to pass through the tiny pores of the semipermeable membrane. The Ultraviolet Purifiers also utilize electricity to operate. The electricity powers the UV lamps that kill the bacteria in the water. The Ultrafiltration method, however, does not require electricity. It does not utilize a UV light and it works under normal water pressure. It does not require high water pressure to operate.

The RO system effectively kills and removes bacteria and viruses from the water through the drain line. The UF system also removes bacteria and viruses from the water. They are trapped at the membrane and are flushed out when it is being cleaned manually. The UV system, on the other hand, kills viruses and bacteria but there is no way of removing the bodies from the water. The bodies remain in the purified water, though dead.

Among the three systems, the reverse osmosis is the only system capable of removing dissolved salts from the water. The pores of the membrane are so tiny that only water particles can make their way through. The pores of the membrane of the UF system are not so tight to stop dissolved salts from passing through. The UV system does not even have a membrane to trap dissolved salts. The reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration systems have pre-filters so they can work with dirty, turbid water. UV systems only work with clear water because dirt in the water will shield the bacteria and viruses from the rays of the UV lamps.

If you are so keen about learning how purification process works, You can read books related to Reverse Osmosis. Make sure to check amazon offers on books while buying.

Choosing the Best Shoes for Nurses


Nursing is definitely one of the most difficult professions in all of the world. It is essential for the nurses to take special care of their needs, for instance their shoes. Shoes are ultimately the most important part of the dress code, and for nurses, it is recommended that they choose the best shoes that would be able to last for a longer time and provide excellent performance.

The people of this profession require high quality shoes that would work efficiently because of the long working hours. The strenuous work they carry out throughout the day makes it hard for them to walk around in uncomfortable shoes. Here are a few things you should consider before you choose the right shoes for the job:

·        Weight and Comfort:

A profession such as nursing depends upon the efficiency of the weight of the shoes that you are wearing. It does not matter whether if you are looking for nursing shoes for men or for women, because the weight and comfort of the shoes is important for the both of them. Since you would be wearing the shoes on a daily basis, consider checking the shoe properly so as to test the level of comfort that the shoe is offering you with.

·        Support:

It is suggested that it is better for the nurses to choose shoes from the running section, which is a quite helpful tip. The running shoes offer more support and durability, which enhances your walking experience. However, if you choose shoes which do not support your feet in a better way, then you would probably experience back pain and headache. The shoes should be supportive enough to support your ankle and feet proficiently during your working hours.

·        Water/Slip Resistant:

This is probably the main feature that you should check for in your nursing shoes, in order to increase the stability of your shoes and to get the most out of the money you pay for. Nursing is such a profession where the nurses may be required to walk around on liquids, etc., and thus, the shoes should be water resistant or slip resistant. However, if you do not find the shoe that provides you with this facility, then you can also purchase a shoe grip separately for maximum support.

·        Functional:

Nursing shoes are available for different medical conditions. You can also ask your coworkers to help you recommend the best shoes that serve the most functions, in order to find the most functional shoe for work. The most functional nursing shoes would prevent stress on certain parts of your body, such as the spinal cord and lower neck. It does not matter if your job is to sit at a desk all day because you need to be prepared for all sorts of emergencies whatsoever.

Coming to the conclusion, there are some stores that analyze your feet and walking style in a better manner, and would provide you with the best shoes for nurses.